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A city constructed on the side of mountains and in the middle of the sea
Ershad Khandker

          One of the great cities of the world, Hong Kong is definitely that. A place of splendour built right in the middle of the sea -- most of its buildings are large skyscrapers in the style and look of their counterparts in some great cities of America. Imagine such buildings standing on mountaintops and hanging on the side of mountains. The buildings are large shiny, modern and impressive and all a little apart form each other. Hong Kong is an architectural wonderland, example of urbane living and example of good city planning in very limited space. Divided into Central district, Kowloon and New territories, the city has grown with new reclaimed islands added to increase the size of Hong Kong.
Your writer was in Hong Kong last month. This was not a first time visit and the fascination of the first timer was missing. In fact, for a boy grown up in the thought of visiting far flung cities much larger in size, visiting Hong Kong was a little less thrilling, more so when it is four hour flight time to reach and visa is on arrival! Is it too significant a city to visit when you did not have to stand in line for hours to get a visa and then did not have to be bothered by long look of scrutiny by the immigration officials when you reach? Well, the city of Hong Kong, is an amazing destination that is a marvel in construction since the city has been constructed out of thin air, with new dimensions added to increase its size and depth by adding new islands, newer larger skyscrapers to allow more space for an ever increasing population. Shorter flight time and no hassle in the immigration counter are only an added bonus. For the star struck tourist intent to go to the west or North America, please be sure that Hong Kong is a city giving you get the flavour and look of the west and the east all in one package.
The city-state can be considered one of the most fascinating cities you can visit in the whole world. How many cities give the experience of crossing a little peace of the sea if you feel like having a certain kind of food or want to go to a park? There is Ocean Park, theme park that was the delight for children with various kinds of rides and thrilling experiences. Now you have Disneyland, which has been recently added. Imagine taking the world's largest escalator to go Hollywood street to find different kinds of restaurants -- a la Paris, with little cafes, organic restaurants eating places from different countries all in a feel of open and free and leisurely ambience that masks the real lifestyle of the city that is fast paced and hectic. If the tourist in you wants a longer more adventures experience, there is a fairly long ferry ride to Lantau Island to see the world's largest Buddha. Star ferry will take you there.
Your writer thinks that most urban designers and city planners and lifestyle specialists should visit Hong Kong at least once. It has to be the a dream city for people who like to get a feel of how large buildings are constructed in precarious ground and soil conditions that are just adjacent to the sea. If you have to construct a building with these odds and then to worry about the building to be in a permanent state of tilting to one side. That technicality is more to the interest of the architect, geologist, or the safety inspector. But even a visitor like your writer has marvelled on a daily basis about the real kaleidoscopic roller coaster view of a real city that Hong Kong is to so many: Its home and you love your home, but it's a merry mystery to this writer that some statistic has not yet been relieved to the effect that Hong Kong citizens have the largest amount people with complaints of vertigo!
Your writer wants to go back to Hong Kong and soon, when the affordability question is answered, and it is time to escape from our own city life. The reason we would choose Hong Kong ahead of all other cities of Asia is simply because the city is unique in more ways than any other cities of the world. It is born unique and different from al places of the world, how many have the sea and mountains within half an hour from all corners wherever you may be staying, and still offer all the comfort, sight, experience, shopping, and feel of the most modern cities of the world? Not many, in fact, no city can be compared to Hong Kong in being an all rounder, a complete experience of city life made for the seeker of exciting stay in a great city.


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