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Bangladeshi search engines and directories: A positive thrust for business education
Mohammad Polash Khan

          Business education in Bangladesh is undergoing a transition period at this stage. Since the beginning of the IBA regime, business education has found a growth line and stemmed to various specializations. But, how much the education is based on the local perspective and research is a vital question that may appear in many people's mind.
Business education and schooling in Bangladesh have been based on books, literatures and researches based on the American perspectives. In other words the books, case studies and finding that today's Bangladeshi business graduates go through is based on expatriate perspective of social, commercial, cultural and demographic perspectives.
As time passed by, we have seen that business operations in our country have been evolving towards more methodical and organised lives. The presence of giant multinational corporate bodies like Unilever, British American Tobacco and GrameenPhone and the entrance of World Telecom in Bangladesh are the signs of such positive evolutions of our business and commerce.
It is a sad but undeniable fact that a growing and evolving economy and business ground like Bangladesh has not been brought to the actual theoretical framework of business education, indicating the knowledge perspective of the bookish learning of business students that remains far apart from the local business scenario they will actually work in.
As we all know, in the business warfare of this millennium, the ultimate weapon to get success is information. These vital tools become the decisive tool for the success parameter. There is an alarming lack of information regarding Bangladeshi industries, and other productive sectors.
As a result of that, the students read the theories written in American perspective but do not have the resources to try or research those theories in local perspective. As a result of that, most of the students go to the job field without being well trained and seasoned to serve a venture effectively enough.
Another vital loss this information unavailability projects is the lack of entrepreneurial pursuit on the parts of the business graduates. Rather than preparing business executives, our education industry is producing business clerks.
And again, the reason behind this is the insufficient training with actual information juggling during the academic period. But as the reality appears today, things can be optimistically driven to a bright tomorrow.
But there is a light in the midst of the cloudy situation. Although research books and learning materials have not been developed in Bangladeshi perspective, the Bangladeshi search engines and directories can be a good source of information repository and learning.
The online yellow pages make the dynamic feed back available to the business students that were hardly imaginable a decade ago. Education related information is now available in the web which pertains to online journals, schools, student associations and universities.
The government is a core part of the external environment of a business. Understanding the affair and business wings of a government means a lot for the business enterprise's success. With the online directories and search engines, there are available information to vital areas like agriculture and rural affairs, commerce and industry, communications and information technology policies, defense, embassies and consulates, finance, foreign affairs, home affairs, international affairs, law and judiciary, parliament and presidency.
As an aftermath, the students get the issues like petroleum and natural gas, transportation at their fingertips. Moreover, the students get updated information with online encyclopedias and journals.
In many business schools, courses on society culture and socio-economic studies are rendered. But the online glance at the local and Bangladesh perspective lets the students apply theory in reality. The understanding of society and culture becomes more of an ease as they get the dynamic online portrayal in fields related to history, matrimonial, NGOs, business organisations, politics, arts and entertainment, fashion, fine art, literature.
The students who are bombarded with the case studies written in expatriate perspectives hardly get the hands- on experience on the outlooks of businesses they actually have to operate in. Now there are more than a dozens of directories providing reliable and dynamic information feedback of business and economy scenario like agriculture and forestry, airlines, banking services, companies, construction and maintenance, directories, electronic commerce, electronics, energy and environment, garments and textiles, import and export, industrial goods and services, insurance, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, real estate, stock markets, telecommunications and transportation and logistics.
Nevertheless, the ever-changing information surface is held in the news and media operations in any country. Today, the magazines, news agencies, newspapers, online news have become more accessible and customized for Bangladeshi consumers.
Travel and tourism is one of the promising and growing sectors of our country's economy and business. The students can literally witness and participate in the development and research of this productive sector such as ecotourism, guides and directories, hotels and motels, tour operators, travel agents and regional information. These thing have come within the reach of their fingertips.
Bangladesh is about to experience the boons of information superhighway connectivity. But to get the best use of any blessing, you need aptitude and training on that. The trajectory of information pools on the growth and operations of high-tech issues like internet, animation, cyberspace, hardware, isp, search engines and directories, software, web design and development, web hosting and web portals, are readily viewable.
Nonetheless, e-commerce and shopping coupled with science and environmental issues have made the information repository more dynamic and fruitful for tomorrow's business graduates.
As a matter of fact, the information fields mentioned here are still undergoing their development phase. There is still miles to cross until the ever-changing business directories and sites become truly successful in aiding business related education and research in Bangladesh. But as the backbone of such future is apparent, we can obviously look forward to the golden days.


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