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One-way education system: Does it suit the present need?

          Miah Abdul Hakim, Headmaster of the Little Flowers' Preparatory School, is an experienced science teacher, who has been serving in various schools successfully in the capital for nearly 40 years. The Little Flowers' Preparatory School -- a high standard secondary level school -- situated at 12-E/33-4, Mirpur (Pallabi) in city has already completed the 11th founding anniversary this year. The school consists of about seven hundred students and 38 teachers -- most of them are Master's Degree holders with B.Ed. Miah Abdul Hakim tells his vast experiences to the FE Education about country's primary and secondary education.
The government has decided to launch a one-way education system at the secondary level in the country from January 1, 2006. Do you think it's a timely decision for improving education system of the country.
I think this decision is not wise for improving the education system of the country. Because, in one-way education system, the students and the teachers will face various problems. The teachers of our country are not trained enough and they did not know what they will teach and how they will evaluate their students. The students will also face various problems. In this system, such students as are not talented and are weak in Mathematics and Science will face problems. It will be hard for them to learn combined texts containing subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Other students may also face similar problems. As the present world is progressing fast, why should we lay behind?
You are an experienced teacher. What do you think about the standard of education, especially, at the Primary and Secondary levels in the country?
The standard of primary education is not up to the desire of the people in our country. And the standard of secondary education is better than the primary education in the urban areas.
What do you think about school syllabuses of the country?
I think the school syllabuses of the country are not so perfect because all these syllabuses are made by the Department of Education, and not by the teachers, who are involved in teaching.
How can one be a good teacher?
One can be a good teacher if one is sincere, devoted and honest in one's teachings.
Explain the teaching method of your school. Do you think it's perfect ?
By the grace of Almighty Allah, I am happy because in our school most of the teachers try their level best to teach their students properly in the classroom. In fact, we have achieved the goal without any private tutoring of the students by the teachers. Every month, we prepare a lesson plan which is directly conducted by the headmaster and we try to teach the students accordingly. At the end of every month, we evaluate the students on the basis of their regular activities. We also provide extra classes for the weak students everyday after the school hours.
What is your view about good percentage of results and standard of education?
There is a gulf of difference between good percentage of results and standard of education. Only quality of education can assure the standard of education. The results of our school certificate examinations are not bad but I think the standard of education is not so good.
Do you think our education policy is standard compared to the global education standard? Would you please explain what a good educational institution should be like?
In the context of the global educational standard, ours is the poorest one. I think the policymakers should realise the need to achieve the standard of the country's education system and frame a policy properly.
I think teaching in our educational institutions, mainly in the primary and the secondary institutions, can provide effective teaching to the students if the administration and the teachers concerned are really honest, devoted and sincere in their day to day teachings.
In our school, I and my fellow teachers are trying whole-heartedly to give proper and effective teaching to the students.
What is the quality of teachers of our country? How is it maintained in your school?
The quality of teachers is not bad but all teachers are not trying up to the mark. I firmly believe that in our school most of the teachers are teaching the students in such a way that they can attain a standard level without the help of any private tutor.
What is your idea about the discrimination in the teaching method of our country?
I think the existing education policy of our country should be changed and it must be prepared by the teachers concerned because they know the ins and outs of the problem. Only the government can provide them with proper training from abroad. That will enable the teachers to gather experience and exchange views with others for better teaching. At the same time, our teachers should change their traditional views in order to develop the teaching method to rid the education system of any discrimination.
Evaluate Bengali and English as the mediums of instruction method of educations of the country.
In the context of our country, Bengali method of education is very important. But it should be utilised in a proper way. On the other hand, English method of teaching is essential too and some of the English medium institutions are doing well, especially in the urban areas of the country.
Would you please explain the Cadet College-based education vis--vis the general education system in the country?
In Cadet colleges, the government is allocating a large amount of fund every year for the students. They enjoy all the modern facilities for each student, but it is quite absent in the other educational institutions of the country.


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