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City mkts piling up products to allure festival shoppers
Md. Asiful Huq

          The city markets are building a huge stock of different types of men's, women's and children's wears ahead of the Durga Puja and the Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festivals of the country's Hindu and Muslim communities.
This year, the traders are creating a stock of apparels of diverse qualities and making attractive offer on sales to lure the target customers in order to realise their business goals as well as to satiate consumer demands.
Readymade wears of different colors, designs, styles, and fashions with fusions of national heritage and history are being displayed at different shopping malls and markets of the city.
In order to cater to the specific needs of various consumer segments, the traders are filling their stores with products of multiple price range. The city shops have also been colourfully decorated and illuminated.
Expecting significant sale of their products, some shops are offering products at discount prices.
Shoppers World, an up-market shopping mall located near the Gulshan-1 circle, is selling all their products at 10 per cent discount prices.
It has been learnt that some of their products are imported from India and Pakistan. Especially Lehengas, an exotic women's wear that has a great demand among many girls and young women from the affluent families, are being sold between Tk 5000 and Tk 25000.
"We import fabrics from Thailand, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia and then make trousers and shirts locally," said a salesman of Seal, a men's fashion outlet in Gulshan.
When there is excessive demand of garments during the Eid season, they collect the garments on credit-purchase. This year, they expect 20 per cent more sales than that of previous year, he said.
To promote sale of local garments and to popularise it among the people ahead of the Eid, textiles ministry is also going to arrange a month-long Textile Fair at the premises of Shilpakala Academy from October 9 that will continue till the Eid.
"Only locally produced garments will be displayed at the fair," said officials concerned. This year, more than 150 stalls will be set up to promote sale of local garments.
A salesperson at Anjan's, a fashion boutique, said that they have some exclusive collections of Punjabis this year.
"We had to take preparations since the last six months for Eid festival and we hope to exhaust all our stocks," he said.
It has been learnt that their garments are produced entirely with local materials.
Though during the Eid their sales soar to such an extent that they need significant capital, they manage the fund from their own resources.
To cope with the huge rush of customers, they keep their outlets open from 10am to 10pm during such times.
While visiting the UAE Moitree Complex in Kamal Ataturk Avenue it was seen that they are also taking huge festival preparations.
Navana Tower, a large shopping complex in city's Gulshan area have a handsome collection of various fashion wears, designer clothing for men, women and children. This year, tight security measures have been taken so that buyer can move around and buy safely.
For men, sellers of famous city shops mainly stocked Punjabi, shirts, trousers, T-shirts, jeans trousers of different styles, colours, designs and qualities.
Many stores have also stocked Lungi, pajamas, Panjabi of different colours, qualities, designs and price ranges.
Children's collections of clothing are also varied and come in different colours, designs and sizes.
Baby Togs, a children's shopping outlet in UAE Moitree Complex has a good collection of children's wears this year.
Women's wear like sari, shalwar-kamiz, three pieces of various colors, designs, fashions and qualities are being showcased in different shopping malls of the city like Rapa Plaza, Eastern Plaza and Bashundhara City.
Jewellery is one of the main attractions for women and during Eid festival, affluent female buyers prefer buying different kinds of jewellery items.
Ornaments of different designs and fashions are being displayed in different jewellery shops.
Earrings, finger rings, necklace, and many more items have been put on display to attract such customers.
Side by side gold jewellery, diamond and pearls are also being displayed in some shops of the city.


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